Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I wanted to share a couple of art projects that we did to celebrate. These could easily be adapted for other units and projects. The first one is a cute Earth painting using handprints. We also made pledges to do little things to help God's Creation. I found the idea here.
"Use reusable containers for my lunch"

"Play outside instead of playing video games"

"turn off the water when brushing my teeth"

"use reusable water bottles"
The second project we did reused water bottles as stamps. The petals are the bottom and cap is the centre. We used fingers to make the leaves. I am planning to use the bottles for another project. I adapted this from a project on this site.

I have really enjoyed looking at all of the Earth Day celebrations my fellow bloggers have been sharing. Hope it's been a good week!


Sunday, April 22, 2012


It all started with our Track and Field jump pits. Since we practice track and field only in the Spring, the pits became a great diversion for the younger students, who played and dug and built in the sand during recesses. The pits eventually grew in size, as their boundries were dug outwards. Last year, fearing for the safety of our jumpers, the school left the old pit to the diggers, and dug new jumping pits that are off limist to the diggers. Since then, the pit has become quite the industry among our grade 1-4 students. They had diggers and sellers, they trade space for "boulders" and are very competitive over who hits "clay" or wet sand before the others. When we get a good rain, there will be miniature lakes for a few days. I had to share a few pictures from Friday of last week. These are the crazy Digger Sandpits!

Here comes a busy week with 4 meetings between school and church. We also have a PD workshop an hour away on Friday. Whew! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Hair Goes Up!

Welcome to Seuss Week! Yes, we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday back on March 2nd, but I am living in Seussville this week. Friday is the day for our Spring Play, which happens to be "Seuss" this year!
We adapted six Dr. Seuss books into drama format, cast the roles, practices, made sets and props and costumes and the week is finally here. Tomorrow we have our Dress Rehearsal!

I am still playing with hair tricks with certain characters. I picked up a new product and decided to try it out on my own hair tonight to see how it worked. It's called Freeze Spray and works pretty well. Here is the evidence!

I am seriously loving this one! Thinking about wearing it backstage on Friday!

 All of this Hair Play reminded me of this song by two of my favourite "Internetainers", Rhett and Link.

Generally speaking, my hair goes down, if not pulled up...but here are a few more of my wonderful hair moments!
Kindergarten Picture: Very Blond! AND straight...as you can see.

Grade Eight...yup, the curls are coming in but I am still brushing it! Ug!

Age 19... long ringlets. Loved my hair back then! Trying to grow it out again these days.

Same era...first time my roommates "straightened" my hair...which was a novelty back then.

University Graduation Photo...Generally how I wear my hair now, except that I usually have the front braided or twisted or something.

My hair has been many colours. Pink, green, purple, blue...
My hair makes great costume hair. I never need a wig! This is 80's night.

This is our science night...I am professor Gizmo...as I said, no wig needed!
 What are some of your hair memories? I will post more photos of our sets and props soon!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring into Grade One/Two

I decided that our classroom was looking rather drab... so we perked up the ceiling! My kiddos coloured these beautiful butterflies, as we reinforced the concept of symmetry from our math lessons and insects from our science (yeah for cross curricular!) We now look up into a rainbow of colours! A few finished early and made some kite, too. 

On the first day of Spring, we talked about how the trees would change (we didn't have much snow on our trees this winter, but you get the idea) They loved this project.

So, how have you celebrated Spring in your classroom decor?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Currently

Hello everyone
Happy April Fools day. 
I posted on Facebook this morning that I fell down the stairs and broke my arm. It was amazing how quickly everyone was ready to believe that of me! 

I do have a horrible sinus cold building and my face is ACHING! 

Our Dr. Seuss play is on April 13th, less than two weeks away. We perform at a local church. This is the week we begin practicing on the stage! Eek! As director, this is going to be a busy couple of weeks! The grade 3/4 teacher is teaching my class while I have hers and the rest of the older kids at the church practicing, so I am trying to get all of my plans together for the week.

Here is my April currently.Pop over to Oh Boy 4th Grade and check out the April Currently Linky. 
 I would love to have teleportation powers so that I could see my family as much as I wanted, and visit my husband when he is away.


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a great week.