Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waiting and the Big Move

Along with school beginning the downward descent, my husband and I have decided to make the move back to Nova Scotia, our homeland. I put in my resignation at my current school in April, they interviewed and just hired a new teacher, which is exciting. The two candidates got to come in and teach a lesson each to my class. Both were great, so they hired the other as the resource and music teacher! Love when things work out! 

 So in the midst of all of my normal end of the year craziness, I am now trying to get my belonging sorted out at school, preparing my room and curriculum for the new teacher coming in, trying not to cry every time I think about the fact that I won't get to watch my littles grow up, AND fretting that I won't find a teaching job in my new home. 

Well, on the last note, the board I am going back to (I taught there my first year out of college before moving west) has had a lot of press lately about the number of teaching positions they are cutting this year. Declining enrollment, especially in the rural schools, has hit hard in the East. Having only taught a total of 100 days for that board, I couldn't apply until the last round of job was posted. As of March, they announced that they "could not guarantee that there would be a round six because of the cuts" which meant no jobs to even apply for. I got back on the supply teacher list, but was steeling myself for a long wait to get a classroom of my own again.

Yesterday, they announced on their website that Round Six would be posted today! I checked all day, as my kids were working :) They were finally put up at 2:30pm. After crossing off the schools out of my driving range (more than an hour away) and those I wasn't qualified to teach (or interested for that matter) I had a solid list of 17 positions I applied for. Of those, 11 were fulltime. Only 5 were "substitute to possible term" which means there is a teacher coming back to that position. And 4 were within a five minute drive.  Not only that, but they only gave a two day window to apply and one more week for interviews, so I should know one way or the other by next week! Tha tis fine by me because I HATE waiting... I think it's the lack of control!

One position is at my former school, where I did my four-month practice teaching, a full-year part time position and a two month term. It is 30 minutes from my new house, in the same town my sisters and parents live. There is a new principal that I have never met, but I am truly hoping for this one.

So, where am I going with all of this? I haven't a clue! I just wanted to share my struggles and joys with my big transition. I am getting super excited to be 2000 km closer to my family. My job was the one big sacrifice I was making in this move, so if a position came my way, I could be completely content!

I will leave you with a few photos.

The first is a picture of our new home (you can't see it from the road, so I know you can't come find me! lol) Look at those beautiful front windows. You need them because the view is the photo below (taken in early spring). Yes, that is the ocean. Those tress cover the house from passers by on the road, but we still get a great view of the water over the marsh. And I can't wait to wake up to that every morning. Fresh saltwater air is always preferable to the smoggy, Detroit leftovers we have been getting lately!

Blessings as you finish out your school years (most of you...very jealous of those who are now done, but we didn't start until September 7th so I guess I can't complain!)

See you soon!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Art

This week we made our mom's beautiful purses full of memories. The idea was inspired by a post on Kindergarten Love. 
I took the idea and made my own templates, a little larger than hers. The kids traced the templates on pretty paper, folding the tab on the front over the back piece to glue them together.

Each purse was decorated with a flower. I found a few different templates when I searched online.

And inside was a cute little book with pictures of them and their mom. They also filled out information about mom. Some really cracked me up. Leave it to kids to be so honest!

My mom forgets to bring me to Toys R Us!
My mom forgets to do the laundry sometimes.

My mom forgets to play!

My mom is happy when I be good.My mom forgets to bring her camera.