Thursday, August 4, 2011

Behaviour Chart

This is the clip chart I used in my Grade 1/2 Classroom last year. I had seem many variations on the web and in classrooms. I decided to make my own and keep in nice and simple! I am modifying it a little bit for the coming school year, but more to come on that later.

The chart was made on plastic plates from the dollarstore. I drew the faces and hot glued everything together with ribbon. Each child's name is written on a clothespin. The Everybody starts the day on Green. If a child breaks classroom rules, they are given a warning. If they continue, they are asked to change their pin. Everyone also has a chance to change their behaviour and get moved back up. At the end of the day, I coloured in each student's Behaviour Chart in their homework book with the colour they ended the day on. 

As you can see, all student who end the day on Green earn a marble for the class jar (100 Marbles wins a surprise from Mrs. M). Yellow has no consequences. Orange is a loss of 5 minutes at the next recess. Red is a SIR (Student Incident Report- Schoolwide Discipline Policy).

My Back Hall Colleague used a different clip system in which student started in the middle and could move up or down as the day progressed. We have decided to be more consistent across the grades and are using my system with an added Blue above the Green for a Great Day so students can be rewarded for going out of their way to be helpful or follow rules.

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