Favourite Art Projects

 Name Mosaics (September)

-Bristol Board strips (I wrote their names in pencil first)
-strips of construction paper
-White glue

 Gingerbread Man (December)

-construction paper
-watercolour paint

Torn Paper Window Art (Fall Leaves- October)

-Clear contact paper
-Black construction paper
-Fall colour tissue paper
-Leaf templates to trace

Mondrian Art (November)

(idea from another teacher)

-Large white paper
-Crayons (primary colours and black)
-rectangle/square cardboard templates

Taught lesson on Mondrian art and primary colours. Students use templates to trace rectangles that overlap with black crayon. Colour only shapes created that are squares or rectangles, in only primary colours.

Snowball Mittens (self created- December)

-White and black construction paper
-Templates to trace mittens and snowballs
-cotton balls
-white glue
-chalk pastels

In this lesson, I emphasized that the mittens needed to be a pair (i.e. matching designs).

 Paper Plate Snowman (December)

-paper plates (ours were foam)
-pipe cleaners
-pom poms
-construction paper
-white glue

Hot Chocolate Mugs (January)
-template printed on cardstock
-chocolate syrup
-paint brushes
-mini marshmallows