Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daily 5 Poster Freebies

Going through my plans and setting up my room, I came across last year's D5 posters and decided I should share what I made. I created I-Charts for each one as well as a few other posters. I created the I-charts on the whiteboard with my class and then posted my I-charts as anchors. I referred to them often and saw the students referring to them as we added a new one to see the similarities.

  I am not fortunate enough to have access to a colour printer, so I made all of my posters in black and white and coloured the letters a specific colour for that element of D5. I also glued them onto construction paper as a border and laminated them so I have them to use again this year.
Feel free to use them yourself or simply as a springboard to design your own. Here are the colours I used:
   Read to Self    (I Pick and 3 Ways to Read a Book)
   Work on Writing 
Listen to Reading
Word Work
Read to Someone (Ways to Read to Someone and EEKK)

Check out the Daily 5 Linky Party over at Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher. There are some fabulous ideas!

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