Sunday, January 15, 2012

Art Chaos!

Hello One and All!
This week, our small school community had to support one of our own. Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten teacher had to take some time off for a family emergency. She only has 13 little ones (they are 4-5 years old). Our substitute teacher list is very low at the moment, however, and we could not get a teacher in for her on Thursday. Our resource teacher covered her class for the morning, but the Grade 3/4 teacher and I traded off in the afternoon.

SO I changed up my art lesson to something we could all enjoy and set off with 32 little ones (aged 4-8) in my room together! Thankfully, I had an Adult volunteer and borrowed a couple of grade eight girls as helpers.

I showed them a Tumblebook version of "Winter is the Warmest Season". 

The JK/SK's were amazed because they do not use much technology in their room, so the projector and document camera were almost magical for them!We talked about the warm things we eat and drink. Then I showed them that we were going to make Mugs of Hot Chocolate! I pinned this idea from the All Kids Network site. We talked about the mugs they had at home and what kinds of pictures or designs they had on them.

They designed their own mugs and coloured them all in. Then came the fun part! We painted the hot chocolate with real chocolate syrup! While it was wet, we stuck marshmallows to the top. They were so cute! I had to bribe them with a reward of marshmallows for snack to get them to NOT eat their art! Here are a few examples of some finished mugs:

Helpful Hint: Don't hang them until they are completely dry as the marshmallows WILL fall off. We had a few strays! All in all, it was a really great time. The kids did great. It was awesome to see my Grade 1/2 kids as the older kids, helping out their younger siblings and partners. It was buyt and chaotic and exhausting, but fun! Thankfully, the Grade 3/4 teacher took them with her class for the rest of the afternoon and we got back to our regular routine.

Cheers to warm thoughts and hot chocolate!

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