Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year - A New Start!

Greetings friends! I am back to the blogging world. I had to make some priority choices and my poor blog got left on the closet shelf.

BUT I am following along with The Clutter-Free Classroom blog with

Each week, she will set out challenges, offer tips and freebies and a linky party so we can get into each others' classrooms and encourage each other. I am really looking forward to it! We don't start back to school until Monday, Jan 9th (we didn't end until Dec 23rd!) so I won't be back in my classroom until then. I will start my posts once I can get in to take pictures.

I will start today with my top reasons for getting my classroom organized. (Many of these are inspired and compiled from the comments on
the Clutter-Free Classroom Blog)

1. I am ADD and when things are unorganized so is my brain!
2. I want to spend less time at school and more time with my husband!
3. I need to know what I have to teach with - not fly by the seat of my pants.
4. I need to find things quickly.
5. If I'm organized it will be easier to "MODEL" for my students how to be organized! 
6. I want my room to be accessible to others (EA, Supply teachers, Volunteers).
7. I want more time to blog.
8. I want to lower my stress level.
9. I put this exact challenge on my Teacher Self-Evaluation with
my principal this year!
10. I like when things look pretty in their places!
Here's to a Happy and Organized New Year!


Clutter-Free Classroom

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