Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Vacation Weekend

Well, I am back in school full-time as of Monday. That means that this is my last weekend of vacation. Here is how I spent it:

I stayed in bed extra late (after throwing the dogs outside to eat and "go")
I talked to my sister on the phone (while lying in bed)
I cleaned up my kitchen and cooked lunch
I mowed the lawn
I scrubbed the sticky Pepsi mess out of the truck cup holders (that had started to corrode a number of pennies and batteries. Ew! Boys are gross!)
I cleaned/conditioned the leather seats in the truck and the car
I typed out some character trait cards for school (will blog about them soon!)
I started working on our "Songs of the Month" for school (used for assemblies, etc. and reinforce our theme for the year)
I cooked Caramel Apple Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes for supper (lots of work, but one of my favourite meals)
Helped my husband clean up his garage, as he has literally been working on the truck brakes for two straight days. I figured that was a good way to spend time with him while he worked and helped him out by getting things in order a bit.
I sat down to check out the daily blogs. 

Pretty busy/productive day for a Saturday! Well, tomorrow will be the load in day (since the truck was out of commission today and yesterday). The hubby is going to help me unload the spare room, which is loaded with my school books, etc.) and load it into school. He even offered to help me get things settled in the room tomorrow, instead of just dumping it and running. I think he really wants the spare room back. 

I am looking forward to getting some quality time to work on my room on Monday. More to come in the next few days.


See you soon!


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