Monday, August 29, 2011

Favourite Ideas from Blog-land

Today was my first official day back in school. I spent all day organizing, sorting, pitching and generally getting the room ready. Tomorrow we have meetings all day about plans for this coming year. It's a great day as we look forward and we all go out for lunch together, so that's a bonus!

Since I don't have much of my own accomplished to share today, I thought I would share a  few of my favourite ideas from blogs I've read lately. Hope you like them and check out the blogs they come from!

Miss Kindergarten made these cute highlighter sticks from translucent page dividers! I bought some today and hope to have my done this week!

Maybe Matilda painted this adorable shirt. I would love to have one of these, just no time at the present!

I found this post on the Clutter Free Classroom. I know my little ones adore using highlighters, so hopefully this idea may help eliminate the mystery papers!

Teaching in Flip Flops created these volume anchor charts. I'm toying with an idea that is similar. I like the idea of having a number to refer to when addressing volume issues.

Mrs. Dryzal shared her organization system for Writer's Workshop. My colleague and I are trying this out this year. I can't wait! She shares lots of freebies so check it out!

Well, lots to stay busy! I am in the process of sorting my language planner. When it's finished I promise to share pictures! 

See you soon!


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