Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Behaviour Clip Chart!

I have been working on a lot of projects lately, but none that have been finished enough to post about. So I was super excited when I finished my New Behaviour Clip Chart!
As I posted here, I used the clip system last year and LOVED it! I decided to improve on the concept slightly by adding a blue category as an incentive to move up from green.

The rewards this year will be a class marble for all students who end the day on green or blue. Also, if they end on blue, students will get a ticket for our weekly draw. I will draw 2 students every Friday to win a prize. I've been working on my prize list so it isn't just "stuff". I'm thinking things like "sit with a stuffed animal on your desk for a day" or "Eat lunch with the teacher" or "Write at the teacher's desk."

This new chart was easy to make. I printed the labels on the computer. You can download them here. I cut them out and coloured in the letters. I used my paper trimmer to cut each colour of card stock to the right size (Green the largest, then blue, yellow, orange, and red is the smallest. The hope is that the number of students will decrease on each one!)I glued the labels onto the cardstock and I glued the cardstock onto bristol board to make it more stable. And that is it! 

I will be tying ribbon to the top after it is laminated. OH! And don't forget to write each child's name/number on a clothes pin.

See you soon!


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