Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

Today is Teacher Talk Tuesday at Blog Hoppin. Today is dedicated to giving advice to first year teachers. So here goes!

1. ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS! Don't feel silly or stupid about not knowing something! Your Principal and Colleagues have been new teachers once upon a time, but they often forget to tell you something. ASK! Or if you are struggling with a particular classroom issue or subject, asking might just get your the ideas and strategies you need!

2. Realize that everyone teaches in a different way. You will never be just like another teacher. That's ok! In fact, it's perfect! You might connect with one students in a way another teacher can't, simply because of who you are! 

3. Don't be afraid to recognize your weaknesses. BUT don't dwell on them either. Look at them as opportunities to grow. 

4. Share Ideas! If something goes well in your room, share it with a colleague or on your blog. Let others know so they can use it!

5. Take each day as it comes. After a rough day, go home, cry or take a bath or go for a run. The next morning, get up and start fresh, expecting great things...

6. Have high expectations. Your students will rise to meet them. Especially when it comes to behaviours. I always expect that my students are capable of behaving properly. The majority of the time they do!

7. Celebrate individuality. In school, it is sometimes hard because we have outcomes and expectations to reach, but we need to know that some students might reach those goals more easily, or more successfully, by getting there another way. Show students where you are going and allow some choice in how they get there.

8. Be flexible. Read your kids. You can tell when a lesson has gone over their heads. Other times, they might fly through a lesson and you have extra time. Have back up activities in case you need to swtich things up.

9. Treat your students like people. It sounds silly, but many educators treat their students as if they were not yet people...just working on getting there. Recognize that they have ideas and feelings and experiences and expertise and opinions... allow them to help shape your classroom. Use them for writing assignments and encourage them to break away from their friends to form their own identity. 

10. Relax! Things will come together better than you expected in the long run! Make your plans, keep up with your marking, etc. but try not to stress out over the little things. Focus on what is really important.

Hope that is a help to someone today! Join us over at Blog Hoppin to get some more great advice!
See you soon!


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  1. I agree, everyone does teach different, so glad you mentioned that one. I know I tired to be like the other teachers when I started and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. I found myself now.