Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it All Happens Wednesday with Blog Hoppin

Teacher's Week continues by showing off our classrooms! We are not back fulltime until next week and we don't actually start classes until the 6th! So, my room is a work in progress. I will post about it soon.
I decided to share some of the pictures I have from last year's classroom. I am in the same room this year, but I have a new theme and some new ideas. I hope you can "steal" a few things from my room!

Last year, I chose a "Garden" theme, so there are lots of flowers and bugs!

So there you have it. Stay tuned for new classroom pics next week, after I get settled in.

And check out all the great ideas at Blog Hoppin' today!

See You Soon!

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  1. Your writing process poster is so cute!! I don't teach writing, but I'm going to share that idea with the writing teacher on my team!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots