Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three For Thursday

Today is Three for Thursday at Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week.

1. Favourite Fonts: I have fallen in love with All of the following fonts come from there, just search the names. I only discovered fabulous fonts this summer, believe it or not! They are so great! I can't wait to see everyone else's favourites!

2. Favourite Blog: I have to go by category...
Mrs. Bainbridge's Class
Teaching - So hard to choose, but I think Mrs. Bainsbridge is the one I use the most. I love all of her ideas and she teaches my age group.

I love CraftGossip.comCrafts - Another hard one, but I think Craft Gossip is the most useful. They compile lists of craft projects from all over the net. It's a great resource.

Humour - If I am looking for a good laugh, I head over to Mandi Tremayne. She makes great crafts, but her writing style just cracks me up!

3. Favourite Online Resource: I am tied between ProTeacher (a wonderful place for teachers to connect and share ideas and ask questions) and Whole Brain Teaching (see my previous blog about this here)

Well, I hope this helps you out. Hop on over to see more great ideas at Blog Hoppin. I'm super excited about tomorrow's Freebie Friday! I have the post all loaded and ready to go for tomorrow!

See You Soon!

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