Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whole Brain Classroom Rules

This year I plan to incorporate many strategies from Whole Brain Teaching. Last year, I used the Class-Yes, Mirror and the Hands and Eyes strategies and they work great! These strategies have students using their most important senses (seeing, hearing, speaking, doing) to create meaningful learning.

To start the year off right, I am going to start using my own variation on their Classroom Rules.
Our Rules will be:
Rule #1: Listen when your teacher is talking
Rule #2: Follow Directions quickly
Rule #3: Raise your hand to speak
Rule #4: Make Smart Choices
Rule #5: Keep your Dear Teacher Happy

I created classroom posters, a booklet to colour together on the first day and a bookmark to take home to explain to parents. The clipart is all internet found, but feel free to download mine so you can use them as templates for your own.

Here is a video of a Kindergarten class going over their rules together.

See you soon!


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