Monday, September 12, 2011

Cooperative Musical Chairs

Well, today we had a great day. Besides our Fire Drill, it was a generally regular day of classes. We started Element number 2 of our Daily 5: Work on Writing. The highlight of the day was during math class. We have been talking about counting and strategies to know which group has more without counting (pairing things up like chairs and kids) Then we played a game of "Cooperative Musical Chairs". It's similar to regular musical chairs EXCEPT no one gets out. When the chairs start disappearing, students need to find a way to let everyone sit (sharing chairs or sitting on laps). It was a loud and excited game. The Resource Teacher came in during the chaos and laughed out loud! Here is a picture! It was a lot of fun! Near the end, things did get a little rough and we had a few sore knees. A few boys decided they needed to jump on top of the group, crowd surfing style, but no big deals and there was lots of laughter.

Talk to you soon!


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