Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! I wanted to share a couple of art projects that we did to celebrate. These could easily be adapted for other units and projects. The first one is a cute Earth painting using handprints. We also made pledges to do little things to help God's Creation. I found the idea here.
"Use reusable containers for my lunch"

"Play outside instead of playing video games"

"turn off the water when brushing my teeth"

"use reusable water bottles"
The second project we did reused water bottles as stamps. The petals are the bottom and cap is the centre. We used fingers to make the leaves. I am planning to use the bottles for another project. I adapted this from a project on this site.

I have really enjoyed looking at all of the Earth Day celebrations my fellow bloggers have been sharing. Hope it's been a good week!


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