Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Art

This week we made our mom's beautiful purses full of memories. The idea was inspired by a post on Kindergarten Love. 
I took the idea and made my own templates, a little larger than hers. The kids traced the templates on pretty paper, folding the tab on the front over the back piece to glue them together.

Each purse was decorated with a flower. I found a few different templates when I searched online.

And inside was a cute little book with pictures of them and their mom. They also filled out information about mom. Some really cracked me up. Leave it to kids to be so honest!

My mom forgets to bring me to Toys R Us!
My mom forgets to do the laundry sometimes.

My mom forgets to play!

My mom is happy when I be good.My mom forgets to bring her camera.


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