Monday, July 30, 2012

SOLD- Start the Chaos

Yes, our little house has sold! It was on the market less than a month and they wanted a closing date for one month after that. Wow! Fast! But great, as it means we will be settled in the new place before school starts. 

Speaking of school, the new board is on "Staffing Hiatus", which basically means that most of the board office is on summer vacation, so they won't be posting new jobs until August 17th. Again, this is good for me because it means all the house nonsense will be settled and I will be in the province for face-to-face interviews.

Now begins the packing frenzy! It's amazing how much JUNK you accumulate over time. My goal is to have zero "miscellaneous" boxes. I want everything organized and labelled so that unpacking will be easier. This is ever more important because we will be sharing the new house with my in-laws until they head to Florida in a few months.  So... it will be the "Great Transition" of their belongings to ours. Whew.

Well, happy summer!


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