Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Teacher Without a Class

Has summer started yet? I know we have been out of school for two weeks, but this time has been so packed with catching up on everything I neglected over that past few months that I really haven't had much time to relax.

I love that I have more time to blog browse, pinning all my favourite ideas that I might use in the future :)

I am also LOVING the time I have to read. I have a huge list of books that are just waiting to be read. I have already finished five novels since school ended (three audiobooks, two digital reads). I actually stayed up until after three am the other night because I just had to finish the book I was reading ("The Actor and the Housewife" which I will review another day!)

We are now gearing up to head East for our summer visit to the fam jam. My "To-Do Before we Leave" list is getting pretty long, but we are also checking lots off of it as the days tick by.

The only part of my life that leaves me a little empty is that I have no job lined up for the fall. How is a teacher supposed to spend the summer months when she doesn't know what she will be teaching in the fall? I have more application out, closing on Friday, hoping for interviews (in person this time!) next week. These two jobs are my current grade level (primary, one or two) and would be a pretty smooth transition for me. BUT I am pinning away all these great ideas, but I can't work on ANYTHING yet. I want to start making classroom decor! I want to start planning units! I want to start reading through curriculum! I know. It is a sickness. Even if I didn't actually start any of those things yet, just making my list and picturing my classroom would be nice.

Until then, I keep gathering ideas for all grades, all subjects, hoping my job will come to me!

I guess I should go and start packing, cleaning, calling to get more things scratched off my list!. I will leave you with this really cute Sticky Note To-Do list from Cornflower Blue (with a free printable from Finally in First) that I have been using for my day-to-day items. You all know how obsessed I am with sticky notes!

And if you like Freebies, don't forget that Clutter-Free Classroom is doing a Flash Freebie summer, doing limited time giveaways everyday! I love it!

 Enjoy your summer! See you soon!


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